Presentation of UNSW-OUC Double-Master-Degrees Program at OUC


Presentation of UNSW-OUC Double-Master-Degrees Programat OUC 

A presentation meeting of UNSW-OUC Double-Master-Degrees Program to potential students was conducted at College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, OUC, Qingdao, on 2 June 2016. Approximately 20 students from different colleges participated in this meeting, including College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, College of Marine Geosciences, College of Management, School of Economics. The program brochure and a summary of prospective research projects were delivered to students. The program coordinator, A/Prof Xiao Hua Wang from UNSW, Prof Guo Peifang and Dr Wu Wen from OUC introduced UNSW Canberra and the program. After the presentation, a face-to-face discussion was conducted between three program coordinators and students. A few questions/concerns were raised, for example, how to apply for the program after the first-year master study at OUC, whether there will be more research projects available in future, and so on. About a dozen of students have expressed strong interest in this program and looked forward to joining it in the near future.