Grants and letters of support


  • X.H. Wang (CI), (with Mr David Williams and Prof. Weibing Guan), INPEX Browse Ltd, State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics, Understanding and Predicting Sediment Distribution and Net Transport in Estuaries and Coastal Oceans with an Emphasis on Muddy Bottom Layers, ARC Linkage, 2011-2013: LP110100652, $240,000. This project will design and implement a field campaign to observe fluid mud layers in the muddy harbours and develop predictive models to investigate these layers. This research will give new direction to port management by developing adaptive tools to solve water quality and siltation problems in muddy ports and harbours in Australia.
  • Ocean University of China Basic Research Funding Scheme, Linking Science to Management for Sustainable Coastal Development in Jiaozhou Bay (Wang et al.) CI, 2013: 1 CNY200,000 ($40,000).
  • Ocean University of China Basic Research Funding Scheme, Temporal-spatial Variability of COD, N and P in Jiaozhou Bay under Anthropogenic Impacts (Liang et al.) CI , 2013: 1 CNY200,000 ($40,000).
  • Ocean University of China/The Sino-Australian Research Centre for Coastal Management, Numerical modelling of sediment dynamics and its variability due to construction of Rushan Tidal Power Station, Shandong, China, $5,000.
  • Development of Sustainability Monitoring of the Cultana Defence Training Area with Remote Sensing (Jia et al.), Defence Related Research, UNSW, 2012, 1 yr: $17,915.

 Letters of support