SARCCM Governance

SARCCM Governance 

SARCCM Advisory Committee:

  • Prof Zhigang Yu (于志刚), President, Ocean University of China

  • Prof. Wang Fan (王凡)

  • Prof. Michael Frater

  • Prof. Xiao Hua Wang (王小华)

  • Prof. Xueguang Ma (马学广)

  • Dr Junji Song (宋军继)

  • Mr Xiaohua Bu (卜笑华)

  • Industry advisors (1x)

  • Government Department representatives (1x) 

Management Board Australia

Management Board China


  • Prof. Xiao Hua Wang (Director)


  • Prof. Xueguang Ma (马学广) (Director)

Management Board:

  • Prof. Michael Frater (Rector)

  • Prof. Xiao Hua Wang (王小华) (Director)

  • Prof. Warrick Lawson (HoS)

  • Prof. Peter Steinberg

  • Prof. David Waite

  • Prof. Linlin Ge

Management Board:

  • Prof. Dexing Wu (吴德星)

  • Prof. Xueguang Ma (马学广)

  • Prof. Huajun Li (李华军)

  • Prof. Yinjie Ma (马英杰)

SARCCM Team Australia:

  • Prof Xiao Hua Wang (王小华)

  • Prof. Peter Steinberg

  • Prof. Emma Johnston

  • A/Prof. Stuart Pearson

  • Prof. Linlin Ge (葛林林)

  • A/Prof. Xiuping Jia (贾秀萍)

  • A/Prof Moninya Roughan

  • Dr Andrew Kiss

  • Dr Zhi Huang

  • Dr Jo Banks

  • Dr Qianguo Xing

  • A/Prof. Yue Ma
  • Mr Christopher Lane

  • Dr David Leary

SARCCM Team China:

  • Prof. Xueguang Ma (马学广)

  • Prof. Huajun Li (李华军)

  • Prof. Ge Chen (陈 戈)

  • Prof. Gang Fu (傅 刚)

  • Prof. Jie Bai (白 洁)

Management board meets biannually to discuss, oversee and provide guidance on all matters mandated by Centres Procedure. The meeting agenda includes setting and reviewing the strategic direction and objectives of the Centre; evaluating the performance of the Centre against its objectives. The first meeting is held in UNSW Canberra in December and the second one in UNSW Sydney/SIMS in June, respectively. A third meeting may be scheduled in a joint session with the annual Advisory Committee meeting in Ocean University of China in October, if the opportunity arises.