Current and Graduated Postgraduate Students


Name of Student

Thesis Title


Year  Completed

Do-Seong Byun The effects of tidally-driven sediment resuspension on the ecosystem dynamics in the Southwest coast of Korea (UNSW@ADFA) PhD 2004
Lulu Qiao The shear front and sediment transport in the Yellow River estuary (Ocean University of China, China) PhD 2008
Vihang Bhatt The effect of the fluid-mud layer on ocean dynamics in coastal seas (UNSW@ADFA) PhD 2010
Donghui Jiang An operational sea state and circulation forecast system for Jervis Bay, NSW PhD 2012
Fan Zhang Management of Australia Defence Force activities in Australian Marine Protected Areas, by analysing the Environmental Management Systems of Jervis Bay and Shoalwater Bay training areas PhD 2012
Wen Wu To compare the legislative frameworks, management characteristics and impact of the ecosystems of the marine protected areas in Australia and in China PhD 2012
Qun Liang Estimating benefits of IMOS in managing Marine Protected Areas MSc 2010
Dehai Song A Skewness-based Analysis and Numerical Simulations on Tidal Asymmetries, Dynamics, and Suspended Sediment Transport PhD 2013
Li Li Modelling the Sediment Dynamics in Darwin Harbour, Northern Territory PhD 2013
Zhibing Li Modelling sediment transport in Port of Abbot Point and its adjacent Great Barrie Reef waters PhD 2017
Shengnan Chen Comparative Research on Legal and Regulatory Frameworks Related to Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Australia and China PhD 2015
Guan Dong Gao Land reclamation and its impact on hydrodynamics and sediment transport in Jiaozhou Bay, Qingdao PhD 2017
Fatemeh Ziaeyan Bahri Correlation between East Australian Current and Sea Level Rise along the east coast of Australia PhD 2018
Amanda Xiao Modelling hydrodynamics and sediment transport in Sydney Harbour PhD 2018
Haifeng Zhang Investigating sea surface temperature diurnal variation over the Tropical Warm Pool using MTSAT-1R PhD 2017
Zhixin Cheng Hydrodynamic Study of Sediment Transport Patterns in Estuary and Coastal Area --- Case Study on Yalu River Estuary MPhil 2016
Wenyun Guo Numerical study of sediment dynamics in Shanghai Port ECNU Joint Training PhD 2017
Maozeng Jiang Legal and Governance Frameworks for Scientific Research Risk Management in Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Areas PhD 2018
Fanglou Liao Coastally trapped wave observations and modelling in Jervis Bay and its adjacent shelf PhD 2019
Bo Dong Analysis of the drivers and impacts of governments’ biofuel research investment policy: a comparison between Australia and China PhD 2017
Saiful Marbun Impacts of marine and fisheries industrialisation and the Blue Economy Policy in Indonesia on the local communities and the environment in Indonesia MPhil 2015
Yuanchi Xiao Using eReefs data to analyze sediment transport dynamics in the Burdekin River Estuary in the GBR region MPhil 2018
Gang Yang Research on the Sediment Transport Patterns in the Area of Wei Fang Harbor using the Satellite Remote Sensing Method MPhil 2018
Zhixin Cheng Modelling sediment dynamics in Darwin Harbour under the Australian monsoon PhD 2020
Wan Liu  Climate change impacts and management of algal blooms in coastal rivers  MPhil 2020  
Yuan Yuan Dynamics response to human interventions in a small embayment: thermohaline circulation, waves and sea ice formation PhD  On-going
Senyang Xie Land reclamation and its impact on hydrodynamics and substance transport in the Jiulong Estuary-Xiamen Bay, China PhD  On-going
Md Wasif E Elahi  Estuarine circulation and sediment transport during cyclone induced storm surge in the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna delta  PhD  On-going 
Yuwei Hu Studies of Australian Coastal Extreme Events Based on Satellite Sea Surface  Temperature (SST) and Sea Surface Height (SSH) Datasets PhD On-going 
Anna Maggiorano Study of the effects of the Indo-Australian monsoon on the Australian North-Western shelf dynamics  PhD  On-going  
Gang Yang  Research on the Sediment Transport Patterns in the Area of Wei Fang Harbor using the Satellite Remote Sensing Method  PhD  On-going