UNSW/OUC/CSC Practical Implementation Discussion 22/02/22


  1. Joint PhD vs Dual PhD
    1. Joint PhD for UNSW is the same as a Dual PhD at OUC, UNSW admission and scholarship assessment run by the Graduate Research School (contacts are Belinda Lee, Catherine Zell, Louise Salmon and Simon Kalucy (Director))
    2. Another program will also run as a Joint PhD or Master from OUC perspective, which is a “Practicum” (or “Exchange”) program with UNSW -
      1. The UNSW Office which runs the Practicum program is Study Abroad: https://www.international.unsw.edu.au/study-abroad-at-unsw
      2. Confirmed practicum candidates can apply for English Waivers through the practicum office: practicum@unsw.edu.au
      3. Note - there is a 12-month maximum limit on Practicum candidates in the Faculty of Engineering at UNSW
      4. OUC to provide Clare Mander (practicum@unsw.edu.au) with list of successful applicants to the “Joint PhD” (OUC)/”Practicum” (UNSW) program.
  2. Timing of scholarship rounds - CSC requires candidates to have a conditional offer of admission and tuition fee scholarship (TFS for CSC) from UNSW prior to the applicant submitting their details to CSC. As such, for UNSW Joint PhD applicants (ie OUC/CSC Dual degree) and UNSW full PhDs, Round 1 can not occur, and the timeline will be as follows:
      1. Applicants submit full application to UNSW by 13 May (including meeting English requirements/approved English Waiver - please note that English Waivers take time to be reviewed and approved)
      2. Conditional UNSW admission and TFS for CSC offers to be released from 8 July
      3. Successful applicants apply to CSC by 30 September
      4. Full UNSW/CSC offers to be released from 25 November 2022
    • OUC will need to provide Candidates with their CSC Offers prior to UNSW releasing full offers
      1. In this timeline, based on current visa processing times, successful candidates could commence at UNSW from Term 3 2023, which would be more than enough time to get agreements executed for each candidate from a UNSW perspective.
  3. Program Advisory Board - The Program Advisory Board oversees the overall program management and progress. It consists of 2-3 representatives from each institution (Tentatively UNSW: Profs Xiao Hua Wang, Matthew England, Simon Kalucy (GRS Director); OUC: Profs Changlong Guan, Jian Sun, Caixia Wang (GRS Director)). The Program Advisory Board will conduct the assessment of the Program, screen applications and conduct interviews of applicants, collate/review the qualifications of participating faculty and their projects, monitor the progress of the candidates and solve problems. The Board meets 1-2 times a year in February and/or July.