3rd Symposium on Marine Spatial Planning and Integrated Coastal Management Held in Qingdao

December, 05 2023, Gang Yang  

            On November 18, 2023, the 3rd Symposium on Marine Spatial Planning and Integrated Coastal Management was successfully held in Qingdao. This one-day symposium was organized by the Sino-Australian Research Consortium for Coastal Management (SARCCM) and three partners. About 60 scholars and students, from well-known universities and research institutes, attended the meeting. Professor Xiao Hua Wang, UNSW SARCCM Co-lead attended the meeting online and delivered a welcome message to the symposium.  

In the opening ceremony, representatives expressed their congratulations and expectations for the meeting and the SARCCM.
The first session was on Theory and Cutting-edge Technology for Integrated Coastal Management. Prof. Suo Anning, Prof. Cao Ling, and Senior Engineer Tan Jun gave presentations on “Beautiful Bay Construction: A Case Study of Shuidong Bay of Maoming”, “Assessment of Blue Foods and Protection of Marine Ecology” and “Exploration and Practice of Whole-process Marine Disaster Risk Management”, respectively. Next, Prof. Xie Zhenglei, Prof. Chen Shaoyang and Prof. Mei Hong (SARCCM’s department head of Academic Research) talked about “Spatiotemporal Changes of Carbon Stocks in Bohai Bay under Multi-driven Processes and Policy Implications”, “Strategic Environment and Sustainable Development Mode of Marine Islands”, and “China's Scheme of Classification and Zoning of Marine Protected Areas”, respectively.
The second session was on International and Domestic Practices of Marine Spatial Planning. Prof. Wang Zaifeng, Senior Engineer Liu Yulong and Prof. Yang Yang (SARCCM’s associate leader) made presentations entitled “Marine Spatial Planning System and Use Control”, “Marine Spatial Planning and Blue Economy Envisioning in Fiji” and “Marine Spatial Planning and Suitability Evaluation of Island Spatial Development in Mauritius” respectively. Followingly, all participants had productive discussions on the presented research.
Lastly, Prof. Jin Yongming (SARCCM’s Co-Leader, Ocean University of China) delivered the closing speech. Prof. Jin summarized the intellectual insights emerged from the symposium and expressed his gratitude to all the participants for continuous support of SARCCM.