SARCCM Held The Third Working Meeting 2023

October 21, 2023, Gang Yang


   In the morning of September 7th, 2023, SARCCM held the third working meeting at the Institute of Marine Development. The meeting was chaired by Professor Jin Yongming (the Chinese-side Co-Leader of SARCCM). Nine people attended the meeting, including Professor Wang Xiaohua at UNSW(the Australian-side Co-leader of SARCCM) and other SARCCM members.
Firstly, the attendees discussed the theme and date of the SARCCM’s annual academic meeting. And the meeting is scheduled to be held on November 18, 2023 in the Hualan Grand Hotel Conference Center in Qingdao. SARCCM expected to invite relevant experts to make reports,so as to build a platform for academic exchanges on ocean governance. The themes of reports may including marine spatial governance, theory of resilient governance, Fukushima nuclear wastewater discharge issues, integrated coastal zone management, etc.

  Secondly, Dr. Wang Xiaohua proposed to declare an international project (Direction of  Coastal Zone Resilience Governance and Ecological Restoration) jointly. The meeting has decided to take this proposition as one of the topics for the future working meeting. SARCCM intended to put forward feasible plans and specific division through internal coordination, in order to participate in deeper international cooperation in various forms, and to make better use of SARCCM.
Thirdly, the attendees sorted out the work progress of the call for papers for the Centennial Academic Papers and discussed the idea of holding an international conference in 2024 in conjunction with the call for papers.
Finally, Dr. Jin Yongming summarized the working meeting. The meeting was successfully completed.