Dr Zhibing Li joined School of Science (SSCI) and SARCCM at UNSW Canberra as an oceanography lecturer

October 19, 2023, Gang Yang


  Dr Zhibing Li joined SSCI and SARCCM team as an oceanography lecturer in July 2023, with a specialization in Physical Oceanography. Throughout her career, she has been deeply engaged in the research of mesoscale ocean eddies, coastal hydrodynamics, and sediment transport. Following her graduation from UNSW, Canberra, she has advanced to the roles of postdoctoral research fellow and senior research fellow at the Southern University of Science and Technology, China. As a PhD graduate in Oceanography, she is thrilled to return to SSCI and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to contribute my expertise to my alma mater. she looks forward to collaborating with the SSCI community and achieving new milestones together.'