AMSA Conference 2023: Abstract Submission Open Now Until Early Feb 2023

December 19, 2022, Zhou Bing-Bing

The abstract submission is open now until early Feb 2023 at the 57th annual AMSA conference from July 2-7, 2023, on the Gold Coast (Queensland), Australia

Marine Modelling: from catchments to seas

Chair(s): Prof Xiao Hua Wang (University of New South Wales), Amanda Xiao (CSIRO), Joey Crosswell (CSIRO)

Description: The marine coastal regions and estuaries are the aquatic interface between land, freshwater and marine waters. Understanding how coastal environments and risks may evolve over the next several decades requires considering the co-evolution of many different human and natural systems, which necessitates an integrated modelling approach. An integrated approach that brings together multiple modelling tools that can represent both extreme events and long-term changes in human and natural systems along the land-river-estuary-ocean continuum. In Australia, coral reefs and associated inshore ecosystems continue to be degraded from land-based pollution via runoff. Advanced modelling framework will help to inform time-critical land management efforts to understand on how riverine pollutants impact water clarity and biogeochemical cycles.

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