OUC SARCCM Symposium 2022

Screenshot photo of the 2022 OUC SARCCM Symposium
November 06, 2022, Zhou Bing-Bing

On November 6th, 2022, the 2nd Symposium on Marine Spatial Planning and Integrated Coastal Management was convened online by the Sino-Australian Research Consortium for Coastal Management (SARCCM) of OUC and the School of International Affairs and Public Administration (SIAPIA) of OUC—exactly one year after the 1st symposium.  Attendees of the 2nd symposium added up to a total of around 100 scholars and experts from institutions and organizations across China, e.g., the Ministry of Natural Resources of China, National Ocean Technology Center, National Marine Data and Information Service, Nanjing University, and Xiamen University.  During the symposium, OUC Vice President Dr. Liu Yong highlighted that coastal management is a vital topic meriting long-term multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research, on which OUC has unique research basis and advantages.  Dr. Liu expressed his hope that, through the platform of SARCCM and this symposium, China’s research community of coastal management could bring about new insights, ideas, approaches, and methods for advancing both the research, practice, and governance toward coastal sustainability.  Dr. Feng Lei, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Marine Strategic Planning and Economics, Ministry of Natural Resources of China, made a welcome speech, emphasizing the critical importance of marine spatial planning and coastal management for China’s marine sustainability.  Dr. Feng expressed his hope for SARCCM to contribute more to advancing marine sustainability research to help China to build maritime power and marine eco-civilization.  Experts with both natural sciences and social sciences backgrounds made eleven insightful presentations, and attendees had heated discussions during the one-day-long symposium.