UNSW-Sed model officially named

Xiao Hua Wang's group has been developing a sediment transport dynamics model for turbid estuaries and coastal seas for last 10 years. SARCCM is pleased to announce that this model has been officially named as UNSW-Sed with the University approval for non commercial use. Furthermore, UNSW-Sed has been chosen to be included in FVCOM (Finite-Volume, primitive equation Community Ocean Model, http://fvcom.smast.umassd.edu/fvcom/) as one of three cohesive sediment module options (the other two are 1) DELFT-3D based, 2) USGS community sediment model). FVCOM is a internationally well known unstructured grid community ocean model specialized in estuarine and coastal ocean hydrodynamics and ecosystem modelling. It is jointly developed by University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. This UNSW-Sed will be published both in the manual and version 4.0 of FVCOM.