UNSW Canberra OUC CSC scholars welcome OUC delegation in Canberra, 9 May 2015

Students OUC Alumni

On this sunny Saturday in Fadden, Canberra, the Ocean University of China (OUC) China Scholarship Council (CSC) scholars warmly welcomed the honourable delegation led by Prof. Yegang Sun (3rd from left in the second row), the Chairman of University Council, Ocean University of China. He is travelling with a group of senior OUC leaderships and alumni including Prof. Mingyong Zeng (1st from right of the second row), Director of Academic Affairs, Prof. Wenhong Song, Director of International Office, Prof. Changlong Guan, Dean of Oceanography, Prof. Huirong Liu, Deputy Dean of Laws, Prof. Lifang Shen, Deputy Dean of Oceanography, Prof. Weining Zou, Professor of International Office, and Mr Ruiqing Li, Deputy Secretary of OUC Alumni Association. The delegation members met with 11 representatives of UNSW Canberra OUC scholars, most of whom are CSC scholarship holders. A/Professor Xiao Hua Wang (2nd from left of the second row), founding Director of the Sino-Australian Research Consortium for Coastal Management (SARCCM) as the host of the delegation delivered a welcoming speech. He welcomed the OUC delegation visit representing SARCCM and all OUC scholars in Australia.

At the meeting, he announced the establishment of the OUC Alumni Association in Australia. Prof. Yegang Sun presented the flag to the alumni representatives at present and gave his congratulatory remarks. Following the flag presentation, a warm buffet was held to welcome the delegation. UNSW Canberra OUC CSC scholars shared their research experience in Australia and extended their greetings to the delegation. Prof. Yegang Sun and the group members expressed their support to all the OUC alumni in Australia and hope the establishment of the OUC Alumni Association will play a role in connecting OUC alumni across the Antipodes.