Student presentations in Italy, Nov-Dec 2011

Ms Wen Wu and Mr Dehai Song attended the ICEED2011: International Conference on Ecosystems, Environment and Sustainable Development in Venice, Italy from 28-30 November 2011. This conference was organized by “WASET: World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology” and attracted a large number of relevant researchers. Wen gave an oral presentation of her research titled “Evaluating the Australian Defence Force Environmental Awareness Training at Shoalwater Bay Training Area, Queensland, Australia”.

On 1 December 2011 they visited the National Institute of Geophysics and Vulcanology (INGV), University of Bologna, Italy where each of them gave a seminar of their research titled “Study of Estuary Turbidity Maximum in the Deep Navigation Channel of the Yangtze River Estuary” and “Defence Force Activities in Marine Protected Areas: Environmental Management of Shoalwater Bay Training Area”, respectively. After that Dehai had further discussions with Prof. Nadia Pinardi and Dr Antonio Guarnieri on modeling of sediment transport, and received feedback on his research.