The Outcomes of the Visits - agreements on WHP

The meetings of the SIMS/SARCCM delegation with OUC, QEPB, QCCI and SOA East China Sea Marine Monitoring Centre have led to the following agreements on the World Harbour Project:

  1. Letter(s) of intent to participate (in principle) in the WHP. 
  2. UNSW/OUC Jiaozhou Bay and Sydney Harbour Research Synthesis Workshop at OUC on 24 October 2014 to celebrate OUC's 90th Anniversary.
  3. Participation in a workshop by SARCCM and appropriate other representatives from Qingdao/Shanghai at the IUCN Congress where the WHP would be announced and the work program of the WHP discussed and initiated. 
  4. In parallel pursuit of funding for the project, both in Qingdao/Shanghai and for the Australian component which will need to fund specific activities and an overarching framework. Some of this has begun with the NSW State Government.