Increasing the depth of research collaborations between Australia's UNSW and China's OUC

On the 9 January 2013, Ocean University of China, Qingdao, people representing a range of government managers, regulators and researchers interested in Jiaozhou Bay's current and future management met to discuss mutual research interests. The meeting was to link science to management for better coastal zone urbanization of Jiaozhou Bay with a view to 2050.

A/Professors Robert Lo, Hua Wang and Stuart Pearson represented SEIT (Engineering), SARCCM and PEMS (Science) from UNSW Canberra, respectively. SARCCM Director A/Professor Hua Wang also had meetings with Vice President Research of OUC Prof. Yan, State Ocean Administration’s North Sea Branch Deputy Director Dr Guo Mingke, and Deputy Mayor Dr Xiulin Wang, Qingdao Municipal Government. A/Professors Hua Wang and Stuart Pearson also met with the leading state-owned development corporation executive as the international part of the submitted Australian Research Council Linkage Research Grant.

This is a specific example of the increasing depth of the research collaborations between Australia's UNSW and China's OUC. Topics discussed at the workshop included:

  • Research investment context within OUC China’s 985 Project (Prof. Zhou)
  • Sediment transport dynamics and tidal asymmetry in ports, estuaries and other coastal environment (A/Prof. Xiaohua Wang)
  • Risks analysis and management: An integrated quantitative approach (A/Prof. Robert Lo)
  • A brief summary of Australian experiences with Integrated Research in Natural Resources Management (A/Prof. Stuart Pearson)
  • The laws and institutions on the management of Jiaozhou Bay (Prof. Yingjie Ma)
  • Study on the total amount control of Qingdao land-based pollutants discharging into coastal water (Prof. Shengkang Liang)
  • The evolution of Jiaozhou Bay over the last hundred years (Dr Jinghao Shi)
  • Situation and plans of Qingdao Urban Planning Bureau and Qingdao Environment Protection Bureau (Ms Sun, Mr Liu)